How to Deal with the Fear of Missing Out

I’ve been declining requests and invitations from close friends and family for the purpose of staying on task with my personal and professional goals and schedule. It’s left me with a huge case of the fear of missing out, a.k.a. FOMO.

I know I need to deal with this FOMO because the commitment I made to the high performance lifestyle that leads to my own well-being and to better management of my energy and time. It allows me to serve my loved ones at a greater level than I was doing before while feeling good about it; so yeah it’s important to me. As I’m making these adjustments, I appreciate my closest friends and family that are being understanding of the changes I’m creating in my own life.

Here are the 3 steps that I take to deal with FOMO:

  1. Think about my potential — Life has an infinite number of possible futures that all stem from decisions made in the present. Which future do I want to set up for myself? What can I achieve with concentrated, passionate, and dedicated efforts?NOW is the time to set that all up. It’s my time NOW! Cool! The time has finally come for me to do my life’s work. It was for this precious block of time that I declined all requests and invitations, but sometimes I get stuck here. I may get overwhelmed or resort to easy distractions such a cleaning or snacking. I recognize this particular moment (the beginning of my block time) as a vulnerable spot for distractions.
  2. Exercise – Here’s my cue to exercise and give my brain some goodies!

This book helped me: Spark shares and discusses research findings and case studies about how exercise is beneficial for the brain in all stages and phases of life. Literally. The book addresses the positive impact that exercise has when learning, when dealing with anxiety, attention variability, anger, and depression, and when going through life as children, adults (for women, during pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations), and while aging all the way through dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The brain is the chief organ of the body, and exercise is a wonderful and amazing tonic to the brain. 

I get straight to the point. All I need is a yoga mat and appropriate clothing for my circuit: plank, yoga, squats, arms, bagua, and repeat. I love the feeling of being strong and agile. After I give my brain some juice, I’m fresh and my mind is alert.

3.  Execute – Start taking actions towards my goals. It helps to remember what those goals are—success with the 3 main projects that I’m working on. Each of those projects has about 5 majors steps to take to complete them so I have a few options for execution. I’m using the 1-page Productivity Planner from Certified High Performance Coaching.

After following these three steps, I suddenly find myself being very creative in a focused way. That was unexpected; surprising and exciting. It feels good breaking through FOMO. (Note to self: Keep in mind to appreciate and nurture my relationships after making the progress I was hoping for.) Life–it’s happening! Comment below if you have any questions or insights about FOMO :).

Best regards,
Certified High Performance Coach

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