The Beauty of a Routine

On my high performance journey, I found joy in accounting for every minute of my day. I’m like a hawk, fiercely keeping an eye on my calendar. It turns out that my calendar is scheduled in chunks of time for singular projects or tasks. It’s my conscientious, determined, and enthusiastic life. ^_ One things that helps me is that I have a good relationship with time. I’ve been practicing accuracy with my predictions of the length of time it takes for me to do something or get somewhere casually until college, then very capably when I moved to Korea for a year, and now I am confidently competent in predicting my time with nice buffers to rejuvenate and manage my energy throughout the day.

One of the new habits I’ve been implementing since this June has been to sleep for 8 hours. I started here because of my personal control over the issue and that I didn’t like the feeling I got when I woke up in the morning after 5-7 hours of sleep. I could still rock out throughout the day, but I felt compelled to do what was possible so I didn’t feel grumpy or unrested in the morning.

It sure feels good on the other side of an 8 hour chunk of sleep. It took a couple weeks for my body to get used to it; I kept waking up after 4 hours. I just maintained a sacred space for my sleep until the 8 hours was over. There was a purity I felt in maintaining a 100% success rate in my new habit. The consistent sleeping routine was like a safety net I could fall on when life got messy or I got stressed out from life’s pressures. I could rest easy knowing I was adhering to a pattern in my life that is important to me and healthy for me. This lasted a sweet, brief moment in the scope of my whole life. Because you know, life is complex, and when other people get involved things get tricky or imperfect (not necessarily in a bad way, just different). My success rate for getting 8 hours started going down and I became frustrated, confused, and bitter. This happens when life feels like it is out of my control. It’s my life anyway! So what did I choose? I chose to let the feelings of negativity go. Breathe. Get grounded and respect myself and my decisions.

I am a competent human being who has the ability to communicate, so I shared my values and my needs with my loved ones. I used examples in daily life and gave multiple meanings to why it is important to me and how it would benefit everyone around me including myself if I stuck to my decision. This was a conversation I did not want to have, but it was necessary. And the first person I had to convince of these ideas was myself. It turns out the more I respect myself, the more respect others have for me. How convenient is that!

The beauty in a routine is that it is completely personal and fabricated by each individual person. I chose to have this habit because it helps me live a better life. I think of my sleeping routine to be like a municipal law that I have to obey—only, it wasn’t the city that created the law, it was me. Sometimes I feel that I am missing out or that I am not being there for others when I have to go to sleep so early, but I remind myself that I can give in other ways after I take care of myself first. I’m laying the foundation for my high performance life with my routines and finding beauty and joy in living my life with structure. Here we go!

What type of life are your habits setting you up for?

What routines and habits did you have in place during the time in your life that you felt most alive?

What routines or habits do you have right now that you know are holding you back?

What habits would you like to start now if you were going to commit to your best life and potential future?

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it and got some food for thought. Leave a comment if you wish about your favorite, healthy routine 🙂

All the best,
High Performance Coach

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