You need to exercise tomorrow!~

Tomorrow is going to soon be today. When it comes, I hope you will find yourself at a point in time that you saved for yourself to work out your physical body.
The reason I wish this for you is because I care about you. I know that at another point in the past you had an aspiration about a new goal, a dream or vision for yourself, a book that you wanted to read, or a chance that you wanted have. It can be exciting thinking about life’s wonderful opportunities and tapping into your unlimited potential. Then comes in life’s complexities—work, traffic, family obligations, chores, time spent eating, basic home maintenance—and those exciting aspirations disintegrate and disappear for the moment to get buried and hidden away for too long.
The solution I am offering you is for you to manage your energy more effectively by carving out some time tomorrow for yourself to exercise.

4 Parts of EnergyThere are 4 parts to managing your energy: mental, physical, emotional, and in connection to a higher good. The emphasis for this post is on engaging your physicality to prepare you for the moment when opportunity knocks and you need to open the door. When your physical health is in order, you will feel more alive and will be capable of more than you thought. Here is a way to think about exercise so that you actually address each of the 4 parts of managing energy.

Mental – You can do a mental workout by keeping your attention on your health. Consider the idea of self-efficacy. It is the concept of being confident that you will be able to achieve a result based on the fact that you did something about it. Improve and build self-efficacy by following through with the plan you scheduled, that was to sweat tomorrow.

Our bodies have 11 different organ systems that are all working systematically to keep your consciousness in one nice human package. Like any machine with working parts, it needs to be worked out. A car should not be left alone for over two weeks. It must be started, and even more it needs to be driven around for the internal temperature to rise to a certain level. Similarly, you cannot just put on your workout clothes and look like you had a work out. You need to actually exert yourself. Get your body moving, lubricate and give some love to your joints by moving them at their full range of motion, and break and build up a sweat.

Physical – There are so many different things you could do tomorrow from walking to running (at a consistent pace or with high intensity intervals), yoga, swimming, weight lifting, sports or a class (this has the extra benefit of being a social activity), hiking, Kegel’s, or even intentional breathing and stretching if that’s where you are at. Just decide a time for tomorrow and do something. If it’s been a while, please taper into and out of a decent workout.

Start slow, and start intelligently. For me, if a month has gone by and I have not done any planks I must not just jump into a 3-minute planking circuit like I could when I was younger. I start with 1-minute planks for a week and gradually get up to the 3-minute mark over the following couple of weeks so I do not injure myself. Imagine that this is not a quick fix and that you are going for the long run.


Emotional – The emotions you are going for are the positive ones like happy, peaceful, playful, etc… The ones that we want to be feeling in a life that we love. And isn’t it so convenient with endorphins, freshly oxygenated blood available to the brain by breathing more intensely and increasing your heart rate, burning off excess fat and calories, and detoxifying through sweat that it feels so good after exercising?

It’s not easy to get past that point of resistance. We’ve all experienced it before. You don’t really want to exercise, but after you do you feel great and you are glad that you did it. Breaking that resistance threshold is tough, but what is that resistance offering you anyway? Let it go (face the fear) and create a safe place in your schedule for exercise tomorrow.

It will feel even better after you follow through now because you know about self-efficacy and that it will be increasing your confidence at the same time. You deserve it.


Higher good – Having a connection to a higher good helps with energy because it puts life into perspective. Understanding that anyone is only one part of a larger experience could help people to get out of their own stress and propel them forward with support from and shared trust with others. When you schedule a time to exercise your body and follow through with it, you will be physiologically primed to lead life at your best. You will be able to be present and fully engaged with your team or your family. When you take care of your physical health first, you will be able to contribute at a greater level than when your body was out of shape and desperate for more oxygen. You can show up in your world to make an amazing contribution or to role model a way of living with joy and enthusiasm.

There are so many benefits to exercising and I want to encourage you to make a plan to do so tomorrow. Think about the 4 parts you need to manage when it comes to energy. This post discussed a way to think about each of those parts so that a physical workout could actually be all you need for managing energy tomorrow. I’ll end the post with a few questions for you:

What would you do if you had more energy?
What distracts you from taking care of yourself?
Who else benefits when you become healthier?
What triggers do you need to put in place to make the workout happen?

Until next time,
High Performance Coach

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